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Welcome one, welcome all. Whether you are a long time fan or just a beginner in the search for the truth of Seinfeld, you will see that Cosmo Kramer is an important part of the amazing world of what is Seinfeld.

Who is this man?

One would think that his fellow gang-members would know his past. And especially his inner soul, filled with the plea of help and creativity. But, not even one of his closest friends know much about him.

For example: When Kramer recieved a telephone call informing him that the strike at H&H Bagel's is over, he rushes back to his job. But, the people present, Jerry and Elaine, are surprised at the fact that he has a job. They ask him why he did not tell them he had a job. He says its embarrassing to have people know he was on strike and without a job. Here is another example of a noble soul trying to keep his respect among friends.

His Family

There are people who he thinks of as his closest brothers and sisters. It would seem that a mature and loved man like him would have a lot of loving relatives. But, he apparently only has a mother who is a alcoholic and hardly ever appears on the show to see Kramer. But, he is used to living relatives, and in result has embraced Jerry, Elaine, George and Newman as his family.

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